Monday, December 14, 2020

Wackyrace - Estado Crítico (Review)

Born in the late 2013 in the Medellín (Colombia) suburbs, they were originally named as Estado Crítico and later changed it -due to some changes in the line-up- to Wackyrace. Finally, with this final name Wackyrace began this trip to get a name in the Latin American melodic hardcore world scene as an emerged band to resurrect a dead genre. Few material has been released, in 2018, they released their first debut EP titled Estado Crítico, an EP that brings up long-life punk-related topics in its songs’ lyrics, such as: politics and failed relationships. Now, in this year the EP finally gets a physical release under the Colombian label Punkhood Records.

Estado Crítico works as a path of faith and hope to bring back the good old memories of breath-taking bands in the local scene and to keep the idea of the better days of a decaying scene alive when it comes to melodic hardcore, again this EP recalled a lot of good memories of some nice great South American bands as Play Attenchon, No Big Deal, 7Dice just to mention some of them.

Across this journey in the seven songs that are included in the EP we can listen to - in short words- a continuous style and the well-known riffs and solos plus the classic main vocals with the signed Latin American punk style in the veins, only to mention the well-produced and assembled song Cenizas, also you can listen to the fast punk style, classic features of the fast melodic hardcore subgenre in each song of the seven that are included on the album like Cenizas again, the song with the long intro Malentendido, the nice riffs in Estado Crítico, the great work and vocal execution in the last one Nuestro Fracaso. However, if we have to point at the weaknesses of this EP, you will only encounter two weak and repetitive songs such as Creer en Más and Cadenas. Overall, this is a solid South American EP -considering the band's career- which counts with five nice songs where you can find impressive musical displays.


This might or might not be the best song in the whole EP, the opening song is always important for an EP or LP, because  it brings the first impression of the whole album near perfection, a plus thing for this song is that it reminds me a lot the great Peruvian melodic hardcore album from Play Attenchon titled La Iusión Que Llevas (2007), well worked lyrics and well vocal execution across the song by the vocalist David, as a supposition maybe Cenizas is one of the last worked songs for this EP.

Estado Crítico

Nice one from the same ‘Cenizas’ mold, similar style. This may be the second best song in the whole album easily, in every time you can feel and hear the fast riffs together with insane solo moments, classic fast melodic hardcore chords and extremely melodic lyrics, a few some scream support vocals well included in some specifically parts also work regular.

Creer En Más

Not as impressive as Cenizas or Estado Crítico but the message in the lyrics is maybe one thing to save in all the song, the failure in Creer En Más, relays in the average quality after the two first songs was too high and comes with a hard fall with the third one, maintain the average quality is hard inclusive for the great and mythic bands of the melodic hardcore genre.


The song with the longest intro always has the best beginning to introduce some failed relationships, the pain still alive from one misunderstanding. The opening and the ending breaks with some nice riffs and fast solos, the parts work mainly because of the riffs or the solo execution, these are so enjoyable.


The song again falls in the same feel that we hear previously in Creer En Más, some infinite repetitive loop nothing that we hadn’t listened to before. The only thing to save maybe the nice drive from the chorus and the execution in the vocals, maybe all of this are due to the length of the song, the shortest one in the album.


The video debut comes with a do-it-yourself production, as most things done by Wackyrace . The chosen song for this labor was Redención a song with great melodies puttogether together with fast instrumental notes and well executed chords. This song also prepares you to end in a good form the whole EP, it also adds some fast vocals, well executed.

Nuestro Fracaso

A paradox comes with the last song to feed the curiosity in this debut EP, Nuestro Fracaso was the first song published in media sites, one more time one of the most well worked lyrics, this is because the lyrics of the song go directly to the emotional sense and at some extend are too direct to impress in the first listen you give to this last song.


We have seven songs not at the same great work level, considering all of them is understandable because -as expected- a new band usually begins their career with some perks, this is part of the formation and development of a band and the good criticism always works fine for this kind of bands. The Latin American scene is always too hard to stand out over other zones -like North America or Europe- with amazing legacy bands.

Standing out from the Latin America is really hard, the SA punk rock or melodic hardcore scene has been one of the most unknown -God knows why- subgenres for decades, remember that punk music has Latin America roots, so only few bands had emerged out and gotten recognized away from the national and continent borders.

Not a masterpiece album only a good one for the local and continent scene, the most important point in all this review is to look forward to seeing the next and upcoming material. We truly expect Wackyrace keeps on track and evolves its sound in every aspect so they might get some further recognition like the classic Latin American bands.

Final Score: ★★★

Review written by: Punkerman_00

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