Tuesday, October 6, 2020

We have a new YouTube channel!

Hey folks, as you might have noticed, SF YouTube channel was permanently disabled last Friday, due a delete request from People Of Punk Rock Records. About 200 videos between 2010-2020 were lost...
You know I've never given up due this kind of issues. So, I've created a new channel from zero.
In this new one (in order to prevent copyright issues), we'll ONLY share music that is NOT available on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Bandcamp, etc. That means: only-vinyl releases, Japanese bonus tracks, unreleased albums, hard to find stuff, etc.
And that's it. If you like what we share, please get subscribed and if you wanna give us a hand via PayPal, here's our link: paypal.me/ScreamingFastcore
All donation will be used to buy new music and improve our website and YouTube channel. You can also donate through our Bandcamp page. www.screamingfastcore.bandcamp.com
Thanks for your love and support through the years.

Best regards,