Thursday, September 13, 2018

88 Fingers Louie - Back On The Streets + Split (The Complete Guitar & Bass Transcription)

This is an unofficial tab book. All songs were tabbed by me (Mario).
"Back On The Streets" was the very first album I figured out on guitar by ear at its entirely, many years ago. So, I decided making a DIY tab book!
I included the songs from the split w/ Kid Dynamite too. Have fun!

Category: Tab Book
Format: PDF
File Size: 7.3 MB
Pages: 204
Tracks: Guitar 1 - Guitar 2 - Bass
Tunings: E A D G B E - All Songs
Download: Yandex

Btw, I made a 8-Bit version of "Back On The Streets" album three years ago. Listen to it here.