Friday, July 20, 2018

Fair Do's - Leopards (Review)

It's no secret that 2018 has and will continue to have the releases from the best that the Melodic Hardcore genre has to offer, this specific release is no exception. UK's own Fair Do's delivered 10 face-melting tracks of Melodic Punk! I first heard heard the band's "Trying Times" EP a while back and was instally drawn in, and now a few years later, these dudes are about to release one of my anticipated records of the year!
Also, special thank you to Sarah of Lockjaw Records, and Shout Louder for the opportunity to review this banger of a record in advance!

Royal Flush
Remember how I said "best that Melodic Hardcore has to offer"? Fair Do's is determined to reinforce that statement right off the bat, no time to waste. Melodic Hardcore as a genre is only growing (rapidly) as a genre with no sign of slowing down any time soon, and songs like this are one of the main reasons why.

Distress Call
I really love the opening riff for this track, for some reason it reminds me of menu music from a mid 2000s video game. As the song went on it became increasingly tough to fight the urge to start a one man mosh pit in the room, both skate punk and the elements of metal that were thrown in are pulled off flawlessly.

Absolutely insane track right here, the amount of technicality on display with the guitar is unreal, this album as whole has yet to disappoint me, in fact, it continues you to impress between the great instrumental work and don't get me started on the screaming vocals on each track. Nothing but hard work went into this record and it definitely shows with each song somehow impressing more than the last.

The metal influence is on full display here with an extended instrumental opening before the face-ripping vocals tell the story, I really like the use of an extended opening, that of which spanned just over a minute and a half. The only the I love more than skate punk is an awesome metal band, so I'm double stoked right now as both of my favorite genres are being represented throughout this album.

Closing In
Switching over to more of a tech skate punk sound now, Fair Do's are switching it up and variety is great for a record! It keeps things fresh, which is awesome (especially when writing a review, haha). Skate punk is where my heart is and I was very pleased with this song, has to be my favorite from this record.

Hostile Company
This song right here is a banger, which I'm not surprised. Yet another example of amazing guitar playing, the riff is absolutely insane, hats off to these dudes for all the hard work they put into this, as I stated before it really does show, and is very much appreciated, there is so much to talk about on this record, I can't wait for everyone to hear this record.

It is songs like this one that really makes think "I can't wait to see this band live". Nothing technically to explain, it is just hardcore, fast, and to the point. For the billionth time writing this review I had to stop myself from moshing in front of my computer screen.

In The Mean Time
Feeling more of a skate punk vibe from this track, and as soon as I thought that I hear a metal-esc breakdown and that is where the true beauty of "Leopards" lies, in the amount of variety it offers whether it be from song to song or bringing the best of both worlds together in one track!

Lose My Touch
Fair Do's are doing a fantastic job at showcasing their technical skills once again, in case you forgot! The guitar is being absolutely shredded in this one, much like the other tracks. This song goes pretty hard, would definitely get crazy if they played this at a show!

Carried Away
I know what you're thinking "it sucks that the record is over" and I had the same thought too! But that is why we can rewind things and start over from the beginning again. This is what I consider a grand finale, mastery of every instrument one last time to close this record off. Great use of main and backing vocals for this track, this album delivered on all fronts.

Conclusion: I would to once again extend a thank you to Sarah of Lockjaw Records and Shout Louder, for the allowance to write this review, to the guys in Fair Do's, you guys did an amazing job on this record. I hope my write up did it justice!

Final Score: ★★★★★

Review written by: Skatepunkdefender
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