Friday, June 15, 2018

The Human Project - Clarion Call (Review)

Many words can be used to sum up the very unique sound of The Human Project, it is most commonly refered to as "technical skatepunk" or "melodic hardcore" and both descriptions are accurate and are on full display with this release from the punk rockers from Leeds. I am extremely thrilled that I had the chance to review this record before its release, an absolutely solid album from start to finish. As I expected there is very heavy political themes throughout Clarion Call, and that is fine by me! Honestly, this album has been on my daily rotation since I got it.

Desperate Times / Desperate Measures
"Desperate Times" serves as a really good intro track, it does a very good job setting the tone for the record you are about to hear. My favorite part about this track is the slow lead up to the point that the sound picks up and gets heavy, that is how an intro track should be, getting you stoked to hear the rest of the album. "Desperate Measures" starts and I had no other choice but to nod my head along with music, I can't say for sure about the meaning behind this song, however, I think it is safe to say that it is calling out the use of governmental power to take whatever course of action they believe to be appropriate against whoever they please. I love this song mainly because it hits hard with the sound that The Human Project has provided throughout their past releases.

That One Percent
This is the second single from the album and as of right now the only song that has a music video, politically charged lyrics along plus that lovely Melodic Hardcore sound = a great song. In the most classic case of people versus their government a common topic is always war, which is an all too common issue in a government whether it be the US or UK, (or any country) war is a controversial topic with good reason, of course. This song is representative of the fact that government expenses are helped along with the general public's money. "Why must we pay for war!"

The Rhetoric
The aforementioned theme of politicals appears once again, and I believe this another song that relates to subject of war, lyrics like "people killing people for causes they did not choose" provide further evidence to my claim. But, don't let all this distract you from how good this song is, probably one of my favorite songs that ever released.

Knocked For Six
5 songs in to this album and it has not failed to impress me, I expected nothing less than a great album from The Human Project. To me, this track defines tech skatepunk at its absolute finest. There is less of a political presence here as this song reminds me of someone right after a break up or some form of heartache, easily relatable to many people, all wrapped up in a skatepunk bow.

Carrion / What We Always Do
"Carrion" starts as a great "intermission" track leading into "What We Always Do" which was the first album single. While listening to this sound I was reminded of what made me a fan of The Human Project in the first place, the guitar riffs in this track are genius. Lyrically, the track is solid which doesn't surprise me at all because so far almost every song from this album has been very lyrics driven and have had deep meaning. Solid track.

If there were any one song that had to represent the genre of tech skatepunk, it would have to be this one. It has the melodic vocals, sweet guitar riff, and all that good stuff. This is the sound that The Human Project are known and loved for, it is full force here. I love it.

Pride Before A Fall
Another pretty deep song on this record, which is pretty cool, because in my opinion when songs / albums are personal it makes the music even better on a whole other level, that is one of the main reasons that I love bands like Keep Flying, Dead To Me, etc. On top of being personal this song is instrumentally amazing.

A Debt To Society
One of my favorite songs on this record, it details how living in a society controlled by "the elite" benefits no one, and they are absolutely right, things won't be able to flourish when all the power is to one side and the general public's best interest is not being taken into consideration, this topic is relevant to what is going on in the world as of now. Awesome track nonetheless!

Clarion Call
The grand finale, the title track of the record. The saying "save the best for last" would be perfect for right as this song is an awesome way to close out an already amazing record, this track is great without a doubt. It is a call to those is power and not doing doing the right thing "we don't want for what we deserve". Definitely an awesome closing song. This album was great.

Conclusion: The Human Project is one of the best bands out there right now and didn't fail to impress with their latest release "Clarion Call". I can't wait for everyone to hear this album, and I would like to thank the band for giving me the opportunity to review the record!

Final Score: ★★★★✩

Review written by: Skatepunkdefender
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