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Donuts N' Glory (Interview + Full Discography and Bonus)

Donuts N' Glory was a 3-piece short-lived skatepunk band from Costa Mesa, Southern California. They formed in 1994 and kept active until 1996.
"When Pregnasaurs Ruled The Earth..." is their only full-length release and one of the albums I've most ever listened to. Why? Because it catches all the energy from that era plus an unique touch. I simply love those power-chords combined with one-string riffs, great bass lines, aggressive drumming and that "snotty" vocals.

Screaming Fastcore in exclusive, interviews Garry Cassidy (former band drummer) in order to reveal some unknown details about them. So, here we go!

How old were each one of you when Donuts N' Glory started?
Freddie (bass/vocals) was 21, Brian (guitar) was 18 or 19 and I was 19.

I've seen that sometimes you appear as a 4-piece band. Was Dan a permanent band member?
Dan was a second guitar in the beginning. We asked him to step away for a while and we really tightened up without him. After we made WPRTE we had him come back, but on keyboards.

How did band's name come about?
When DnG formed I was still skating a lot. Cell phones didn't exist and I didn't have a pager yet. The dudes I skated with called our crew OC Donut Crew. I got home late one night and had a voice mail chanting "DONUTS AND GLORY! DONUTS AND GLORY! DONUTS AND GLORY!" We were looking for a name and I liked the sound of it. Guns N' Wankers, Guns N' Roses... Donuts N' Glory! Once I said it to Brian and Freddie it was a done deal.

I feel a huge influence from "Propagandhi - How To Clean Everything" and "NOFX - Punk In Drublic" on your full-length album. Which other bands/albums were an inspiration for that record?
We found Freddie by posting a flyer in a legendary record store in Huntington Beach, California called Vinyl Solution. The internet was in its infancy... The flyer said we were forming a band and looking for a bass player and singer w/ Guttermouth, NOFX and a few others. Freddie was the first guy to call. He ruled from the first time we met. How To Clean Everything had not been released yet. Freddie was a UCI student, old enough to buy us beer and could keep up with Brian's guitar playing, on bass. Freddie didn't want to sing so we tried out a couple singers and hated them all. We really wanted Freddie to sing and he had good lyrics! Things happened so fast I never fully understood the depth of his writing until WPRTE was released and I got all stoned and read along. My mind was blown.

Do you have more unreleased songs apart from "The Bell Song", "The Gord" and "That Way"?
No. Well, there are some songs we wrote early on that didn't make it on the full length and a couple left overs from Freddies first band as well as some stuff we wrote together and only demoed before we really found our sound. Chrono-Unlogical, Before Baywatch and Song are all songs we wrote and started to really put it together, but Mysterious Thunder, Sirens, A Lot of Not Much and Perspective are the songs that we loved and knew we were into something.

Is it true that you played with Blink-182 (when they were called Blink)? Please tell us more about that story.
More than once. Our friend Pat that put out the 7", his sister was dating one of them or something. I loved Chesire Cat. Our first show with them was at an old pay to play venue with chairs and tables so it was kind of lame. They could jumped really high. We played with them a few more times. Scott the original drummer would ask me how to play so fast with a single bass drum pedal. Tom and Mark didn't talk to us much and we were all kind of shy. I eventually pissed them of by drawing a cover for a 'zine that they didn't like, it wasn't very cool of me considering they kept inviting us to play with them. 

Which one was your favorite show you ever played, and why?
We played in a cave in Las Vegas. It was rad. I guess the cave was in some movies. Bobba Fett Youth was the band that invited us out there. They set up the cave with PA system running off of generators and bands played all night. Everyone got really drunk. 

Why did the band breaks up? Any plans for a Donuts N' Glory reunion show?
The band never really broke up. You can still listen to our music 22 years later so the "band" still exists... We just never played again. I think it was a combination of some people not being satisfied with the way things went with the label, a changing music scene, Freddie is a cultured individual that knew he needed to travel the world, Brian dove head first into computer generator music... I honestly kind felt lost. I lived for DnG and playing drums. I created a band that just when it started to gain positive momentum, POOF, gone. As responsible for the bands creation, I can also take as much responsibility for its demise. 

Do you have or did you have more bands/side projects?
During DnG i played with Vitamin L. After DnG I played with the Killingtons when the original drummer left. Brian had a band called Black Bananas and RTX with former members of Royal Trux. I think that band has done some reunion shows. Freddie is involved in an after school music program in Brooklyn, NY. He still rules at life.

Any chance for a "When Pregnasaurs Ruled The Earth..." reissue? Remixed and remastered on vinyl, maybe?
It's not likely to happen. The label wants us to buy the rights to the album and he will give us the analog master tapes but he will not let us confirm the tapes are in good condition. There is some lost VHS footage of us recording WPRTE and I would love to release a dvd but the original tapes owner has passed away.  

What do you think of the punk rock scene nowadays?
The only modern punk band I have seen play is PEARS. I fucking love that band. All my old favorite bands are terrible live. Propagandhi and Bad Religion are the only bands that still kick ass live. I miss Tony Sly, he would still be giving 100% every show. Fuck Fat Mike!

Would you like to add something for the people who still follow Donuts N' Glory more than 20 years after its disbanding?
Thank you and I wish I could give you more!

👉 All releases, all presses and nerdery

Donuts N' Glory - Do onuts N' Glory (1995)
This one was their very first recording back in early 1995. They only recorded a practice session on this cassette and printed about 20-30 DIY artwork covers. Shortly after, they gave them all out at a show in La Cave, Las Vegas with Bobba Fett Youth. This was recorded before the 7" EP.

Donuts N' Glory - I Can Pee E.P. (1995)
This 4-song EP was their first official release. It was published by Pinkie Records on 7" black vinyl - 500 copies.
There are two presses with different artwork cover colors, one has blue cover and the other has white cover. Also exists a test-pressing of it through Erika Records.
The song "Jon" was featured on the Liberation Records 1995 compilation, "Teenage Kicks".

Donuts N' Glory - When Pregnasaurs Ruled The Earth... (1996)
WPRTE was their debut full-length album put out on August 30, 1996 via Liberation Records.
This album was pressed on 12" blue marble vinyl, CD and cassette. It was recorded at Westbeach Recorders in Hollywood with Donell Cameron, the same studio where Fat Wreck Chords had used for recording many of its bands in their early years. After the release of the record, they toured the west coast once, and toured to the east coast and back twice. Sadly, this one was the last recording they ever did.

👉 Download links

Donuts N' Glory - I Can Pee E.P. (1995) 
- 224kbps (Vinyl-Rip)
Donuts N' Glory - When Pregnasaurs Ruled The Earth... (1996) - VBR V0 (CD-Rip)
Donuts N' Glory - Live At Into The Unknown With Tang (Bootleg) (1996) - 224kbps
Donuts N' Glory - Live At The Rhino Room (Bootleg) (1996) 
- 320kbps
Various Artists - Teenage Kicks (Compilation) (1995) - 320kbps

P.S. "
Live At Into The Unknown With Tang (Bootleg)" contains those three unreleased songs that I mentioned on the interview.
If anyone owns a physical copy of first 1995 tape, please contact Garry or contact me. Thanks!
- Mario.