Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pulley - No Change In The Weather (Review)

The end of the year is coming too fast and fortunately good albums still rain from the punk rock clouds, this album is a special case with a “P” in the beginning, this time we have the pleasure to hear the new album of Pulley.After 12 years without a LP this album fall with strong and full of memories guaranteed the back of the unique and always original 90’s style of Pulley, nothing has changed at all.

No Change In The Weather is without doubt the album that old fans and new ones of Pulley await for long time, in 10 songs we hear the old and unique style of Pulley that always carry in every song in over more than 20 years and now with 6 studio albums, this last one album is outstanding from the beginning with No “I” In Team and in the end when you hear Black Box, the cover from No Use For A Name, a truly tribute to Tony Sly of course.

No Change The Weather is a travel back in the time in specific to the gold era of the melodic punk rock in the 90’s era, the new one Descendents album is far away from the magic that No Change The Weather have inside and in what want to transmit to the old fans and new ones.

So what we can expect for this return of Pulley? It worth it every second, every minute, every song on the album deserves the worth of your precious time, a successfully and gratefully album from the begin to the end, the most satisfactory return to the 90’s style is awaiting you with this amazing album.

The best songs in the album that you cannot miss to hear are: No “I” In Team, Different, Fixing The Drought, Sometimes, Syndrome, Black Box.

No "I" In Team

The first song is always important is the first impression that you get for the whole of the rest of the album, in this case, No “I” In Team works too good to reach the point to put it as the best songs in the entire album. The intro is amazing and opens with the classic Pulley’s style in his amazing band career, great lyrics and great control in the chorus on it.


This song was the first single released before the premiere full album, not too good as the first and open track but continue with a good constant level of quality, not too fast but it is a pretty good song, great control in the lyrics chorus and great smooth and loud execution in the drums.

Fixing The Drought
The open of this song is curious slow in the intro but it gets more speed with the passing of the song time, this song has the best execution and aggressive drums you immediately recognize that, great work again in the drums, the voice of Scott Radinsky in this special song deserves special mention, the end of the song is amazing with the support vocals chorus and the solo riff on it.

My favorite song of entire album is just amazing, everything on it, fast and crazy guitars with the powerfully execution in the drums accompanied with the vocals of Scott Radinsky handling every detail on the lyrics, the lyrics of this song are simply fucking great, the solo in the middle of the song is just amazing.

The guitars intro is good and opens in a decent shape this song, great work with the bass in this particular song, the solos that appears in this song are perfectly shared with the drums, Farewell works as a fast 90’s style song, in all the rules, with a great solo in the end, nice control in the chorus and lyrics.

Walk Away
Good song but not at all, like the predecessors songs of the album however the song still has the Pulley’s style on it, not the most fast song but the song satisfy the main goals of the album, sadly my impressions for Walk Away is that weak song, that every album has inside on every album.

Like the same case of the previous song but we can see a grown in the quality level, a little more in Friends, the fast of a song works a perception, and in this case we have one special, Friends works as 2 songs at the same time, perceived as a fast and nice song, for good the weak moments are minimum, keeping the same quality level in all the song.

The Other Side Of Silence
Long intro for one of the last songs in the album, seems that Pulley starts to put a masterly end for the album in a good way, in this song we can hear a more intensity execution in the guitars and in the whole instruments, but still notice the main vocals are not too aggressive maybe the control of this song deserves this kind of vocals.

Another personal favorite top song that I cannot decides for only one, Syndrome or Sometimes, both are outstanding, great quality from the beginning of Syndrome you can be sure of the quality of this song and officially the last original song perfectly works as the end of the album. Great work in the lyrics, the speed is notorious crazy, the control is impressive in this song too and adds the great vocals, everything is perfectly synchronized.

Black Box
The end of the album comes with a tribute song deserved to Tony Sly and NUFAN, this song is one of my favorites from NUFAN and one of the best that they record in that amazing years, Pulley take the shape’s song as one of yours and put on it their special magical touch and feels that in most of the song time we back in time. Slow as original it is, the song starts with the perfection in the vocals as the song passes in time, perfection in every second that the song is executed.

No Change In The Weather obtain without doubt the titled as one of many albums that were released this year as an “outstanding album” of the year and serious contender to get the precious award of record of the year, whole album from the beginning to the end keeps that great sound of the 90’s old school bands from that gold era of the melodic punk rock, after two EPs released one of them a piece of gold: Time Insensitive Material, Pulley back with too strength and with this last album put his name in the most high of his amazing career in more than 20 years, the whole album have a constant level of quality. Special mention with this 2 songs: Sometimes and Syndrome my two favorites of the whole album without doubt impressive songs and outstanding of course.

Final Score: ★★

Review written by: Punkerman_00
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