Saturday, November 19, 2016

Bare Teeth (Interview)

Bare Teeth is a french melodic punk rock 4 piece band from Lille suburbs, recently they launch in the past year their first demo production featured by 3 tracks, and we have the honor to make an interview to known many aspects of the band and see their own opinion about them so this is the full interview, enjoy.

How Bare Teeth begin or born?

Bare Teeth was born about 2 years ago when Titouan and I (Greg) met. Titouan was a student at this time and has just arrived in Lille, our hometown. He got in touch with a friend, who told him I was looking for band members to start a new band. Jay, who played the bass in one of my former band, eventually joined and we had to look for a drummer. After trying some, Jérôme now sticks with the sticks.
In late 2015, Jay told us he wanted to leave the band and left because of a thumb injury in March 2016. Tom has been playing the bass with us since September.

Before Bare Teeth anyone of the members had been in another band?

Sure! Titouan had several bands around his hometown but I think they didn't release any materials, as well as Tom. Jérôme plays in a metal/hardcore band called NETFASTCORE and they should release a new EP in December 2016. He also played in several hardcore or metalcore bands (The Betrayer's Judgement, Back To Fist,). On my side, I used to play in Fast Motion, which was active from 2005 to 2011. I used to tour a lot in Europe with them, and we've also been to Japan once. They, I took the lead vocals and guitar duty in Icons Down! after Fast Motion broke up, and we disbanded in June 2014.

Why Bare Teeth for use it as a name of the band?
Because we are super angry, haha!. Well, we had several names in mind but we all agreed with Bare Teeth. Altough it's not very simple to pronounce for French people, the name is pretty straightforward.

What kind of punk Bare Teeth put on it?

We all love punk/rock, so that's a good start. Some people says our music is technical, but I don't like to describe our music as "technical". Of course, we don't only play power chords on a fast beat, but it's not all about ripping solos, tapping and stuf like this. We're not Forus, haha! (Hey guys!)
We don't like to put a label on our music, so that's why we sometimes say we play thrash/pop (credits to Captain Everything), even if skatepunk or punk/rock is also fine to us. We also had very different music taste in the band. Titouan is very fond of thrash and metal stuff and Jerôme listens a lot to hiphop. On my side, I also listen to a lot of ska/rocksteady stuff. Tom used to play with a headless bass, so he doesn't deserve we talk about his music taste, haha !

What is your opinion about the actual French punk scene?

The French punk scene is very active, but it's sometimes hard for French bands to get known outside of France. We come from Lille, in the very North of France, and there are a lot of bands there. Our scene is mostly about hardcore music, and we have several gems here. There also are some punk veterans still active these times: Burning Heads, Guerilla Poubelle, Not Scientists (with 2 former members of Uncommonmenfrommars), Seven Hate, Carving, etc. I think the most known French punk/rock band in Central/South America must be Forus, but they don't play many shows here.

Do you can name actually French bands that Bare Teeth share stage or follow?

Let's talk about our friends! You should definitely check bands like Fake Off, Drawbacks or Kill For Peace.
As I said before, we have some really good bands that worth a listen to : Wake The Dead, Hogwash, Straightaway, Piss Me Off, The Mercenaries, Mind Awake, Twisted Minds (RIP), Nightwatchers, Woodwork, Adversity, Living For Today...

What are the main influences for Bare Teeth?

We all listen to punk/rock music, but there are some bands we all are fans, like A Wilhelm Scream and Propagandhi. We also dig bands like Strung Out, Municipal Waste, No Trigger, Belvedere, ...

What is next after the release of the first EP?

Tour, tour, tour, tour and tour again!!! We have some more materials ready for a split record; but we don't have any plan for releasing them. We're also writing some new stuff for a full length album, but I don't think we will release it before 2019/2020.

When I listened the EP some similar sound to another french band comes to my mind Neverlate. Do you know them?

Oh fuck, you know about them!!! I used to play in Fast Motion and Get (vocals) and Kam (drums) used to play in Neverlate before joining me. Get now lives in Paris and used to play in Confusion for some years with some members of Fast Motion and Fake Off. Kam now lives in Berlin and plays with The Uprising. They are pretty big there. Neverlate was much more into the early 2000 emo stuff (Finch, New Found Glory) than punk/rock, but I didn't know they were known outside of France.

Im big fan of french scene, what you think about to launch or work in a French compilation in a future?
Sounds great! If you need any band, Bare Teeth is in! We can provide you some quality French bands.

To finish this interview do you have something else that you wanna agree?

Thanks a lot for doing this interview with us. By the way, we are looking for some labels in Central/South America to join the co-production. Our EP will be released in different countries (France, UK, Netherlands, Poland, Japan, Russia,etc), so it would be great to add Central/South America to the plan. We would love to come touring there, as some of our friends already did (Belvedere, Forus, Krang, etc).

Interview made by: Punkerman_00