Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mute - Remember Death (Review)

After 5 years Mute is back again to made another strike in the scene, but unfortunately this hit is not too strong like was “the outstanding masterpiece” release in the far away year of 2008 titled, The Raven, or “the awesome” titled; Thunderblast in 2011, so what is exactly Remember Death?

So we need to understand that we have more years between old release and new release, for a few instants inside the new album sounds like a simple album with no complexities that we found in Thunderblast, adding that we found some simple songs, Remember Death will be known in the future as a maybe continuation of Thunderblast, besides the bad things in the album we can found in this album good songs like the intro Resistance and next to this song the only single release before the full album, Fill The Void, The Dagger, A Love Affair With Fire, A Mirage Of Safety and Walking In A Thin Line.

The middle of the full album is good and in sometimes amazing, but not to reach the quality of Thunderblast at all, the almost other side of the album is a little boring, to be specific songs without or missed innovation, very linear, a little things to save for this songs are known in the scene as the “Mute’s Signature”, this are: power metal influences that you found inside each song, the crazy and fucking awesome riffs, intros and the famous tapings, that 3 things always are present in every song that this canadians executes.

Sadly for me and the old fans this album don’t accomplish the goals to be in the same quality like the antecessor Thunderblast or Raven, so what is exactly missed in this album to be fucking good or fucking great is easy, we miss the creativity in that songs that sound simple and linear, more support in the chorus from the other members, more energy and explosive in the vocals, an impressive solo or riff is not enough to have a great song and this things exist without doubt in all the album, also known as the“Mute’s Signature”.

The classic intro/opening that open the song in the beginning, we hear a classical inspired beautiful intro, good work in the lyrics specially in the execution in the chorus from Étienne, as always a riff appears in the middle of the song with a crazy solo to finish the song, some parts of the song reminds me The Raven album.

Fill The Void

The innovation astonish us again with Fill The Void the songs open with a solo vocal performance that works to made a fine intro, and serves to open this great song, in here we see many similitudes for Thunderblast album, a song full of energy, great handle in the chorus, explosive vocals from moments, blast riffs and that amazing solo in the last part of the song made for this song the best of the album. The most direct and hard references for the whole theme album is here the death and the Mexican celebration day.

The Dagger
The Dagger opens quickly with a nice bass intro, this song makes a good impression, we found in this song a unique style never seen before in any of the past albums and songs of Mute’s extensive career, the lyrics are good but the work that puts the main vocalist is the chorus are shared with great guitars and short solos and riffs.

Best Of Fights
Perceived as a little linear song into the whole album, everything that we know in the past from Mute are what they can do is in this song, a little slow song that open with a nice riff, the solos and riffs are great but this things are not enough to say that this song is another masterpiece in the album. We can see not that powerful performance like we saw in Thunderblast and for moments the vocals are simplistic.

A Love Affaire With Fire
The songs starts similar as The Fill The Void with a solo intro vocal from Étienne, we have one of the best intros in all career of Mute that appears in this song, the chorus of the song is fantastic in sometimes sounds very energetic and explosive attached with a nice riff and solo performed from the guitar of Alexis Trépanier, again some influences from Thunderblast can found in this song.

Allies start as the hard and heavy song at the beginning, with an amazing long drums intro and guitars, here is without doubt the best work in the guitars making great solos and riffs that you cannot found in any song of the album, great lyrics and the work in the chorus is good, also add the plus that Allies is one of the most long songs of the album.

A Mirage Of Safety
The first song in where we can hear the voice of Sima Briami (Not On Tour) but her voice appears too low in all the chorus where she appears, seems her voice is turn off by the voice from Étienne, the song starts with a short intro, the song is always great work in the chorus from the lyrics, with a nice chorus between Sima and Étienne that works perfectly like Homesick & Tired from Thunderblast album.

Dead White Desert Route
The song opens with a curious intro, is like a style that never hear before in the past albums, in this song Sima Brami appears more less than the another past song, the solo intro appears again in some parts of the song, like the voice of Sima, sounds at all like a continuation of A Mirage Of Safety, a different song in all aspects with a nice and gorgeous ending solo.

Black Heart
Black Heart is maybe the only song that not open with a intro, it open direct to the lyrics, the song is fast but is not enough it misses the great handle of the vocals that we hear in past songs of the album, and seems chorus in this song doesn’t exist, some things good in this song are the nice solo and the work in the riffs along the all song.

Santa Muerte
The most similar song like Black Heart is that you expect from this song, in some this sounds like a linear song case, the song seems to sounds too alone and only the voice of Étienne make presence in the punctual points of the performance of the song, the handle of the lyrics hear too fast with no pause or the add of some chorus made sound a little boring and alone song, the good of the song is the fast and short guitar intro.

Walking On A Thin Line

The last song of the album open with a nice intro with almost one minute of length, this song have a great work in the main vocals from Étienne, everything in this is amazing and works good like the great chorus along in the song, always appears in the right moment to change the direction of the song, the solo and riff also do a great work, one of the most melodic songs, the overall of this good song that qualifies as one of the best songs with a beautiful ending and will be the correct way to end the album.

Remember Death could be more fucking great but some is always something and this specific album works as a decent and a good album at the same time, isn’t at all in the height of last album Thunderblast and is far away from the masterpiece The Raven, but the album is good at all in the worst case, isn’t great like Thunderblast, everything that Mute is here in Remember Death, in this album disappears from all above in the almost middle of the songs of the full album, many parts are in some points the same and sound very linear, the album missed to be more greatness more work in the support vocals, more explosive songs like Fill The Void pretend to be, explosive and screaming vocals, more intelligent handle in the lyrics, and more protagonist from Sima Brami in the two songs in where she appears.

Final Score: ★★★✩✩

Review written by: Punkerman_00
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