Thursday, August 25, 2016

Straightline - Sourcrowd (2012)


01. Funktro
02. Throw The Stone
03. Fingers Crossed
04. The Guy Who Wears Our Shirt
05. Talk Is Cheap
06. Hardcore Is For Kids
07. Even These 7 Seconds Are A Waste Of Time
08. For Pricks Like You
09. Scum
10. Animal Life
11. Atomic Divisions Of Toxic Evil
12. T[h]rash
13. This Song's Definitely Not Called Can't Take No More Cause It Would Be Dumb To A Song By The Only Sentence It Contains Even Chuck Norris Fears This Song
14. Dubtro

Genre: Skatepunk / Melodic Hardcore / Thrash Metal
Quality: MP3 128kbps (Webrip)
File Size: 8.1 MB
Release Date: May 26, 2012
Label: Munich-Punk-Shop
Country: Germany (Munich)
Stream / Buy: Bandcamp
Download: Mediafire