Saturday, December 8, 2012

After Me The Flood - Still Searching - 2012

After Me The Flood es una grandiosa banda de Hardcore (melódico) / Metalcore, muy en la vena de Counterparts, It Prevails, Architects, Shai Hulud, Defeater, More Than Life, Your Demise, etc.

País: Estados Unidos


01. Dark Times (feat. Brendan of Counterparts and Tony of form. Saints Never Surrender)
02. Abandonment
03. Blood Loss
04. Stray Dogs (feat. Ian of It Prevails)
05. The Things I've Done
06. The Reasons Why
07. Truth Is... (feat. Jay Maas of Defeater)
08. Watching Over Me
09. Ripped From The Coast
10. End Times And Better Days (feat. Daniel of Ugly Colors)