Friday, September 28, 2012

Solutions - The First Two Years - 2011

Solutions es una banda británica cuyo sonido incorpora elementos de Punk Rock, Indie y Post Hardcore.
Tienen un sonido muy semejante a bandas como: Hot Water Music, Polar Bear Club, Jawbreaker, Self Defense Family, etc.
Éste LP reúne toda su discografía a la fecha.

País: Reino Unido


01. Fighting Tigers
02. The Rest Will Follow
03. I Turned To Knife Crime
04. You Can't Outnumber A Mathematician
05. A Devil Among The Dancers
06. Where The Good Ships Go To Sink
07. Sons Of Daughters
08. Mary Anne, Come Out Tonight
09. Young Loins
10. Ghost Writers
11. Mexican Waves
12. In Threes
13. Apparatus Separator
14. A Devil Among The Dancers
15. Young Hearts
16. To Die A Pioneer!
17. Stone Cobras